Mil Sabores Lisboa

Brunch & Ice cream

• Artisanal Ice Cream 🍨 🥞 Brunch every day 🍳 • Natural juices made with fresh fruit 🥭 🍍🥝 😊 And always our biggest smile!



Our Brunch is colourful and tasty, made with fresh ingredients served in a lovely traditional Portuguese building. We are located at the city center, close to iconic places to visit. Come, get some energy from our menu offer and continue your trip in this amazing city.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Besides brunch we also love Ice Cream, and we couldn’t decided! So we combined both concepts and offer handmade Ice Cream with vegan options.



We have a burger offer that will confuse a meat lover! From the traditional Portobello Mushroom, the famous Beyond Meat till our Vegan Pulled pork jackfruit we’ll bring you a taste of flavours that you won’t be disappointed!

Come and try!